Newly brought to life in 2020, in United Kingdom, we strive to redefine the gaming experience by providing comfort during play. From using the most (advanced) materials to thinking about the subtleties of your life every day, we endeavour to give you the best insight from the primary touch. Our Company offers a complete range of products to equip gamers and e-sports lovers with (a) 360-degree gaming (experience) including Gaming Chairs, Gaming Desks, & Accessories including keyboards, wireless headsets, Mice, premium PC components, and others.

We aim to deliver (ergonomically designed products) for the gaming community that set new market standards and complement the e-sports ecosystem. Quality, design, and technological excellence are the driving force for our philosophy.


To be the Global leader amongst Gaming Equipment Supplying Company by supplying top of the line products.


Through our creative mind, ability and innovation, every moment we 'play to win' – we drive to succeed as we efficiently helm and develop our business – to realize the full potential of responsible gaming by providing the most entertaining and best performing gaming experiences on the planet.


Innovative & Continuous Improvement

We focus on seeking and pursuing new imaginative thoughts that have the potential to greatly improve our services and the resolve to implement them.

Customer First

We belief in determining, understanding and delivering our customer’s concerns and setting them on high priority.

Superior Quality

We strives to build close personal relationships with all clients, creating lifelong bonds and never taking them for granted.


Professional gamers place extremely high demands on gaming furniture and accessories. Our products are built to endure marathon gaming sessions, epic battles, monster naps and whatever else pro gamers can throw at it.

We love everything auto―from cutting edge design and the latest tech―to nitro fuelled racing and exotic super cars. This love is the driving force behind every aspect of our designs. It inspires us to conceive innovative new ideas which help us to reach our target.


Providing superior quality & durable products is our top priority. Dazzling styling and our innovative way of execution are unparallel however it would amount to nothing if we do not provide the best of best to our customers. As you dig into what differentiates ABC Company you will notice that quality is the repeating theme in all that we do.


Our gaming equipment accelerates the thrill of the game without being restricted by equipment bottlenecks. Our gaming chairs give you comfort for playing long time without putting extra pressure on your backbone. Our customize desks make you feel relax by absorbing the heat of gaming moments while our accessories and parts will ensure your gaming rig gets all the fuel it requires.

  • Gaming Chairs
    • Crank Chairs
    • Gear Chairs
    • Shift Chairs
    • Throttle Chairs
    • Overdrive Chairs
    • Track Chairs
    • Floor Rockers
  • Gaming Desks
    • Rise Series Desks
    • Single Desks
    • L-Shaped Desks
    • U-Shaped Desks
  • Gaming Accessories and Parts
    • Keyboard
    • Mice
    • Audio
    • Headsets
    • Wireless Transmitters
    • Racing Series Pillow
    • Racing Stimulator Stands
    • Eyewear
    • Apparel
    • Spare Parts
    • PC Cases
    • Power Supplies
    • Cooling