One of the most important and inevitable part of your computer set is your mouse. Having a comfortable and swift mouse in your hand with a firm grip is of utmost necessity. Thus while purchasing a good mouse one should have knowledge of the whereabouts, quality and price of it.



This 16000 dpi programmable 8 key mouse is a high-quality mouse created to last for years ahead and being swift and crispy simultaneously. The gaming mouse equipped with an adaptable design technique can make your experience comfortable and materializing. This devise is made to fit comfortably in the palm without any awkward feelings or positions. One feels energized with such a high-class gadget in the hand.

The P3360 sensor with the red coloured optical LED provokes extreme accuracy and precision with the mechanism. The device weighs only 145gms making it easy to handle and manoeuvre. Equipped with an RBG backlit light makes it easy to use even in the dark to develop an immersive gaming experience without the glairs of any overhead lighting. The G52 has 1.8m black braided cable with magnet rings. It trouble-free to plug it in even from a distance so no worries regards to the cable falling short. L124 x W64 x H38mm is as if made to fit in your palm’s grip. Now with lifetime clicks of 40 million counting the left and right button, and 1 year warrantee and our expertise this deal is apt for you and your valuable time given for your future.

L124 x W64 x H38mm

Lifetime clicks: 40 million across the left and right button

1-year warranty