Come home to the K171 keyboards and sense the elegant finish of it, from the distinctive keys to the metal panel design from the smooth and swift functioning of it to the striking look of it.



Its 104 key setup and OUTEMU Mechanical blue switches makes typing effortless like gliding in the air and when it’s dark but you’ve got work to do you can take the advantage of the RGB light setup design and you also by customising the colours to your preference using its given software. Thus, you can also get rid of the glairs of overhead lighting and type without errors. It’s like any other gifted design and machine made to last a long time and compatible with multiple devices, like Windows XP / 2000 / ME / Vistar / Win7, Linux and Apple MAC system.

So switch to K171. This product, available with a 1-year warranty, is something that will last for years to come and you won’t have any hitches and glitches while gliding along. Make your typing and gaming experience a breeze with this range of keyboards.